Acre and Caesarea (June 6, 2008)

Travel from Tel Aviv to the northern coast of Israel. Visiting the old city of Acre and the ancient Roman site of Caesarea.


We have started our trip by visiting Acre, Saint-Jean d'Acre for the Crusaders. Captured in 1104, the city became the main harbour allowing providing the Kingdom of Jerusalem before becoming in the XIIIth century the capital of Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. The city was re-taken by the Muslims in 1291, date marking the end of the Crusaders presence in Holy Land.

It was a pleasure to wander the narrow alleys of the old city. We have reached the souq and its fishes, spices, fruits and Arabian delights. We had lunch at Humus Said. This place has become something of an institution. For 15 NIS (only 3€), you get hummus drizzled with olive oil and served with hot pita, pickles and salads.

Then we left the souq to join the harbour. During the Crusaders period, Acre was very important because of its strategic coastal location. Today the harbour is used as a marina for yachts and fishermen boats. Acre is a mainly Arab town and has taken a modest approach, leaving its souq for fishers, not souvenir hawkers.

Akko, Israel
Walking around the old city of Acre.

Akko, Israel
Visiting the souq and eating at Hummus Said.

Akko, Israel
The fishing harbour in Haifa bay.

Akko, Israel Akko, Israel
Mosques and fortifications.

Akko, Israel Akko, Israel
Narrow alleys with access to yards.


Between Acre and Tel Aviv, we came to a halt in Caesarea. The site is especially interesting by the quality of the vestiges which result from totally different times and by the nearness of the sea adding a particular charm.

Caesarea was a city built by Herod the Great in 22 BC. Dedicating to the Roman emperor Augustus Caesar. Herod aimed to build the capital of Judea with a harbour, theatre, circus and aqueduct. Caesarea was one of the great cities and harbours of antiquity.

Caesarea, Israel Caesarea, Israel
Roman circus on the seafront.

Caesarea, Israel
There were also Muslims and
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