Toward Zion (June 27, 2009)

Driving to Zion National Park and visiting Valley of Fire on the route.

Valley of Fire

We left Las Vegas in the early afternoon. Even if the town has more than 600 000 inhabitants (more than 2 millions with its suburbs) we have the impression that Las Vegas can be summed up by the Strip, probably because it is the only part visible for tourists. Finally we were rather pleased to leave this big city to find again the wide spaces.

On the way we visited Valley of Fire State Park, its names comes from colourful rock formations. It is also possible to observe some Indian petroglyphs easily accessible; they are more than 3000 years old. Some rocks have amazing features (like Elephant Rock), you just need to look at it from the good place. We couldn’t spend a long time there because we had to continue our journey to Zion and get the permit for the hike on the following day.

Valley of Fire, Nevada Valley of Fire, Nevada
Somewhere in Nevada.

Valley of Fire, Nevada Valley of Fire.
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