On Route 66 (July 8, 2009)

Route 66: Seligman, Oatman, Amboy.

Seligman and Oatman

We spent the day on Historic Route 66. We left Williams around 9:30 am and drove on Route 66 when road still exist. In the Early 20th century it was difficult to reach west coast; businessmen managed to convince government of the utility of this commercial link. This road was finished in 1938, it was 4000 kilometres long. Over the years, Route 66 became an important commercial link through the country. It also became a mythical road, today it is not anymore relevant but all along we can find old motels and neon signs saved thanks to preservation groups.

We made a first stop at Seligman, the little town where the revival of Route 66 began. In the few shops bordering the road you can feel the atmosphere of the 50’s. Seligman is one of the most famous stop of this road.

One of the most interesting parts is the stretch which goes through Black Mountains and Oatman. This stretch was built to reach a gold mine located in the mountains. This stretch is very typical, sharp bends lead to the top of these mountains and where we could enjoy nice viewpoints. Few kilometres after the pass we reached Oatman; the little town was created in the early 20th century thanks to gold which was found. Once gold was exhausted population left the town in the 50’s. Today some gift shops substitute gold mines. Even if the place attracts tourists, we could enjoy a western atmosphere. One restaurant is worth entering to see its walls full of one dollar banknotes.

Seligman, Arizona Seligman, Arizona

Seligman, Arizona

Route 66, Arizona Route 66, Arizona
Black Mountains.

Route 66, Arizona

Oatman, Arizona Oatman, Arizona


Historic Route 66 which goes directly toward west through Mojave Desert goes also through some ghost town: Amboy is one of them. Amboy, its Roy’s Motel Cafe and its gas station try to survive in that remote area. This motel was founded in 1938, today only the petrol station is still open, but for how long? Located in the middle of nowhere Amboy is a good illustration of the current Route 66.

A bit further away, we reached Bagdad Cafe, located near Newberry Springs, few kilometres east of Barstow. The restaurant is located in a very remote area; inside we had a drink and could recognize the movie set.
We spent the night in Barstow.

Route 66, California

Route 66, California Route 66, California
Amboy, California Amboy, California

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